Looking Towards Tokyo 2020

It is great to hear through the grapevine that there is a group of archers very keen to be nominated for this event. Even better that people are focusing a good distance out from the next Olympics and are eager for information and Policies.

So that everyone (archers, youth archers parents, coaches, supporters etc) understand a little of the process, I will do some explanation.

Right now, your main focus should be on shooting to the best of your abilities and increasing your abilities with your coaches. If you don’t have a coach you should aim to get one. Focus on competing internationally, particularly World Cups in 2018, 2019, 2020 and World Championships 2019.

Archery NZ does not “select” archers for events such as senior/youth Olympics, senior/youth Commonwealth Games (when archery is included). What actually happens is that we put together a nomination policy and criteria with the NZOC, and if archers meet that and we have secured a country spot at one of the qualifying tournaments, Archery NZ would put forward a nomination to the NZOC. They are the ones who do the selecting. Even if athletes from any sport meet the nomination criteria, it does not ensure that the NZOC will select them. Please bear this in mind when you are aiming for this tournament.

NZOC will at some point provide Archery NZ with their criteria for nomination. This may be mid-2019. Currently the NZOC are working on other events, most of which do not affect Archery NZ apart from the Youth Olympics 2018:

Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games               9 Feb 2018 – 25 Feb 2018

Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games                   4 – 15 April 2018

Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games                 6 Oct – 18 Oct 2018

Lausanne 2020 Youth Winter Olympic Games           10 Jan 2020 – 19 Jan 2020

Most of these events will need to be completed and post event reports done before they can then focus on criteria for Tokyo 2020, even though they are already working on this event and have been for some time, but that is all the planning and logistics, security and so forth.

NZOC mandate for nomination and then selection is showing the ability for a Top 16 finish, preferably Top 8. As well as score based, finishes in the top 20 for World Cups and World Championships in both 2018 and 2020 go a long way to supporting any nomination Archery NZ may submit. With this is an over-riding criteria of securing a country spot for any or all of 1 x Women’s Recurve, 1 x Men’s Recurve and for the first time a mixed team. Again, some of these spots can be won at selected events internationally and at the CQT (Continental Qualifying Tournament) in 2020 which is generally run in conjunction with Oceania Championships. Ideally any NZ archers that will be seeking selection to shoot in the CQT need to have shot at least the World Archery minimum score already (World Archery will announce this in 2019), even better if they have shot the MQS that NZOC agree to, which will be higher than the World Archery minimum.

If you look at Rio 2016, the World Archery MQS to compete was WR = 600 and MR = 610 and the Archery NZ / NZOC agreed MQS was WR = 655 & MR = 670


Looking at events in 2016 up to Rio:

Men’s Recurve

EVENT Qualification round 16th Position score Qualification round 20th Position score
Asia World Cup 651 644
Arizona Cup 634 633
European Grand Prix 1 656 654
World Cup 1 Shanghai 670 669
World Cup 2 Medellin 666 665
European Champs & CQT 651 649
World Cup 3 Antalya 671 669
Rio Olympics 671 666
Average 656.7 654.1
2015 World Championships 652 650
2017 World Championships 659 658


Women’s Recurve

EVENT Qualification round 16th Position score Qualification round 20th Position score
Asia World Cup 629 626
Arizona Cup 612 608
European Grand Prix 1 638 631
World Cup 1 Shanghai 653 651
World Cup 2 Medellin 647 636
European Champs & CQT 631 624
World Cup 3 Antalya 660 658
Rio Olympics 643 640
Average 636 629.7
2015 World Championships 651 649
2017 World Championships 652 648

Time frames

Obviously this far out from 2020 we cannot confirm either the scores that may be require nor can we confirm the timeframes, however those time frames will be similar to Rio 2016:

June 2015                    Archery NZ released the Nomination Criteria (14 months prior to the event)

20th July 2015              Athlete Expression of Interest & NZOC Athlete Application to Archery NZ

5th August 2015           NZOC Athlete Application to NZOC

5th February 2016        All applicants to be on the DFSNZ register

23rd May 2016             Athlete International Event Registration Form & NZOC Athlete nomination to Archery NZ

1st June 2016               Athlete Nominations to NZOC

5th August 2016           Rio Olympics Open

If any archers, parents or coaches have any questions, please direct them to: [email protected]

In the words of Hamish Bond: “The Olympics is not for practice or the experience, it is the pinnacle and you need to learn how to win before you go to an Olympics.”

Karen Moffatt-McLeod

Convener of Selectors