Making the Half Century

I picked up the editorial role of the NZ Archer magazine in January 2011 when Cedric Gorman, the previous editor, stepped down after his ten years of work and Archery NZ needed someone to do the role. Little did I know it was going to take up my next 8 years!

I’ve taken the magazine from printed to online, set up a Facebook page and website, and learned a LOT about printing, setting out pages and using Adobe InDesign – a lot of which I learned from guru and Wellington ex-archer Gina Goad.

I’ve really loved learning more about archery in NZ. I’ve loved learning the names of all my subscribers and all those stalwarts in clubs around the country who put together tournaments and write reports for me every month or two, even when I have to beg them from time to time. I’ve REALLY loved knowing all the gossip before everyone else – ha ha ha! I often tell people that “I know everything in archery” and that’s honestly because I get the news through doing the magazine.

In November I will have written my half-century – my 50th magazine – and it’s time for me to hang up my editorial cloak and pass it on to someone new. So we’re looking for you! If you want to know everything about archery, or learn more, or just give it a crack for a year, please let us know and I can help train you in what you need to do.

I have it all documented. It’s all digital so you can do it from anywhere and upload it, and it’s four issues a year – as you can read below.

If you’re interested in being the next editor, email [email protected] If nobody volunteers, there won’t be a magazine next year, because after 50 issues that’s it from me.

Caro Geelen


Editor of Archer Position Description