Tackle Box Essentials

Have you thought about what you need in a tournament, or what you might need? Have you thought about what you’d do if something broke?
When you start out in archery, you’ve got the basic kit: bow, arrows, string, quiver, tab/release aid, fingersling. Everyone is the same. It’s pretty rare that a novice thinks about what they might need to do in the future to take care of their gear, or what might happen if something breaks or goes sour.
When a novice has been shooting for a few months or more, they learn that certain supplies are handy to carry around. Spare arrows is the first thing. Spare nocks and fletches the second, and spare fingertab or release usually the third! Early on in archery, senior clubmembers are usually on hand to help out with trickier problems like reserving, nocking points, D-loops, broken rests or higher-tech changes like draw length.
It’s a good idea to learn to take care of your own equipment, even if on a basic level, and it’s a better idea to have spare supplies on hand so you know you can easily replace stuff. Imagine you’re at a tournament, and your arrow rest breaks! But you have a spare in your bowcase, or your tackle box – easily replaced – and you’re back to shooting in no time.
Having a tackle box isn’t expensive, or even hard work. Most archers gather together bits and pieces over time that they either store in their bowcase, or they have in a box that they carry around, even if that box just stays in their or their parents’ car. Quite often it’s a good way to get your parents involved if they aren’t sure what to do – many dads (and mums) really enjoy taking care of their kid’s gear.

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